LOOKING AHEAD: The turkey will be dry and cold this Thanksgiving


As the turkeys have gobbled, the data has wobbled between cold and cool. But with Thanksgiving getting closer, the forecast is becoming a little clearer.

Here's what we're seeing right now:

A cold front passes through the area early Wednesday, sending a shot of cold air into the region for Wednesday afternoon and night. A storm system rides along that front near Florida. The farther south that system is, the colder we'll be on Thanksgiving. The farther north that system is, the less colder we'll be on Turkey Day.

At this point, there's no scenario that points to any snow or rain ruining our plans. The only travel concern might be rain on Wednesday near the east coast. Other than that, it looks like smooth-sailing.

A preliminary plan for the day shows 20s in the morning and 40s to 50° by the afternoon. If you ask me, that's perfect pigskin weather! Cold air (30s) during the evening should be enough to get you into the Griswold family Christmas spirit.

The exact numbers in the forecast may change a few degrees, which is why we're not 100% confident at the moment. However, we're sold on a dry turkey by Thanksgiving Day now.

Be sure to check back with our full forecast for more information throughout the week.