Despite this week's rain, we're still running a little behind


You heard us talking about the 'much-needed rain' that we got out of Tropical Depression Nate on Sunday and Sunday night. (After all, it snapped our third longest dry spell on record.) While the rain we got was needed, it may not have exactly been enough.

(Any more rain in the forecast? Click here for details.)

The most recent drought monitor that came out still has parts of the area characterized as 'abnormally dry.'

By this point last year, we were ALL characterized as 'abnormally dry,' with the moderate drought line creeping north of I-40.

Looking back at soil moisture anomalies, we can see why that was the case. There was a huge dry patch over the Tennessee River Valley and the Southern Appalachians, where as the east coast was dealing with the recovery from Hurricane Matthew.

Now, our soil is a little wetter after Sunday-Tuesday's rain - but it's not quite there yet.

Right now, our saving grace from a drought is the fact that August 2017 was the 4th wettest August on record. If that didn't happen, we might very well be looking at a different situation.

Still, use extreme caution when burning. This is typically our driest time of the year and is also the time of the year when the winds become a little more steady. Be sure to check our latest forecasts, and we'll be sure to keep you updated on any hazardous fire weather - if/when it comes about.