Gusty winds move in, followed by unseasonably cool air


Just when you thought the winds had calmed down, another storm system comes in and forces them to pick back up Wednesday night and Thursday.

Wind Advisories are in effect for ALL of the News 5 viewing area, with High Wind Warnings are in effect for the east TN mountain counties.

That's where the higher wind potential is, in a case like this. This is especially the case late Thursday morning through late Thursday afternoon.

With winds out of the south and southeast, they come crashing down the western side of the Appalachian Mountains. This will make places like Camp Creek, Flag Pond and South Central VERY breezy. This may also be the case in places like Bluff City, Elizabethton, Marion, Honaker, Rosedale, Denton Valley in Abingdon, and Wise.

Another effect that these southeast winds will have is 'downsloping.' It is as it sounds. Winds are coming down the slopes, but in that time - they're actually drying the air out in the lower layers of the atmosphere.

Therefore, most of the area stays dry during the daytime on Thursday.

Eventually, the lower layers moisten up with the storm system inching closer to the immediate area. This will result in some showers and perhaps a few storms late Thursday night.

Behind the system, it will still be breezy Friday through Sunday with some scattered showers Friday and Saturday. The big thing we'll all notice is how cool things are on the back edge of this weather system. Daytime temperatures only top out in the 50s on Friday and Saturday, with lows Saturday and Sunday nights dropping into the 30s.


1. It may be a good idea to secure some loose belongings, such as trash cans, basketball nets and trampolines. This is especially for those of you in the High Wind Warning shown above.

2. Expect some fallen limbs. I know at my house, after Monday and Tuesday's winds, we had plenty of limbs across the yard and driveway.

3. Be ready to turn on the heater, if you haven't done so already. Make sure your air filter is clean.

4. Of course, with cold weather - comes some of us having to go into the storage space/attic and get out some thicker jackets.