LOOKING BACK: The super and not-so-super Super Bowl weather


It's always entertaining, as a meteorologist, to look back at how weather has impacted big events - Christmas, Inauguration Day, the Super Bowl, etc. It turns out that the weather situation has gotten pretty dicey for some Super Bowls. You may find it to be pretty interesting!

Let's start here on the home front. Of course, we often travel to our friends' or family's house - or maybe to the local sports bar. So, the weather (obviously) plays an important role in our travels.

Super Bowls at Home

In the Tri-Cities, the warmest Super Bowl was in 1988 when the Redskins crushed the Broncos by more than four TDs. The coldest nighttime low came just three years prior to that, in 1985, when the 49ers took down the Dolphins. The mercury plunged to a whopping -16°.

Finally, the last time we had measurable snow in the Tri-Cities during the Super Bowl was just four years ago. That was during the infamous 'lights out' game in New Orleans when the Ravens beat the 49ers by a field goal.

What about the weather at the game-day site? You can't tell me it's always been sunshine and rainbows, right?

Super Bowls on Site

Get ready for some pretty eye-opening stats! The warmest Super Bowl ever played was in Miami (82°)in 2003 when the Bucs took down the Raiders by 27 points. Previously, the temperature had also gotten to 82° in the Super Bowl of 1973 in Los Angeles. That year, Dolphins defeated the Redskins 14-7.

The coldest morning temperature was a balmy 5° in 1982 when the big game was held in Pontiac, MI. There, the 49ers had beaten the Bengals - but only by five points. Fortunately, for players and fans, this game was held in a dome.

Finally, the last snow during a Super Bowl was just in 2006 in Detroit. This game was played under the dome, as well, as the Steelers beat the Seahawks by a score of 21-10.

Other events of note include the ice storm in Atlanta during the 2000 Super Bowl. That wound up dropping 1/4-1/2" of ice in Atlanta. Also, a winter storm hit Dallas in 2011 in the days leading up to the Super Bowl. Snow melting off the roof fell wound up (unfortunately) injuring six people.

The weather, this time around, doesn't pose any major threats in Houston or here on the home front. For the full forecast, be sure to click here.

Don't forget that we'll have the game between the Patriots and Falcons on Fox Tri-Cities this Sunday! Kick off is scheduled for 6:30.

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