MISSING: Autumn weather has not been found in nearly two weeks


This has been the second warmest start to the month of October on record in the Tri-Cities. Every day this month has featured 'above-average' warmth, and morning lows have been exceptionally warm as well. Just Wednesday morning, we broke the record warm low for the entire month of October at 69°. (That same record was tied on Monday morning.) In addition, the average first frost is happening about 1-2 days later than 50 years ago.

Change is on the horizon, though, and it's in the form of a cold front. Air will lift along the front and deliver some scattered showers (maybe a few rumbles of thunder) around/after dinner time on Sunday.

Unlike Tropical Depression Nate last weekend, this doesn't seem to have the high rain totals associated with it. Estimated rain totals are shown below.

The real eye-grabber, though, is what happens after the front passes through Sunday night into Monday. Fall finally makes a comeback! Daytime highs will struggle to make it into the 60s on Monday afternoon, before eventually climbing back up the ladder later next week.

Lows at night should be able to drop off to more typical levels as well. Some of us may even see a little frost on Monday or Tuesday nights, if all goes as initially predicted.

Even though it hasn't felt very much like fall, it is slowly starting to look like it. Be sure to visit our fall foliage gallery so that you can see all great pictures from around our region this foliage season.