Rainfall record set for spring of 2017; close to a record for May


It's been almost all we've talked about for the last week or so; the rain records that were in jeopardy for the month of May and this spring.

This May, we've received nearly 8" of rain in the Tri-Cities, with some spots reporting more than that! That makes this May the 3rd wettest May on record in the Tri-Cities. Records go back to the late 1930s.

We've received a pretty remarkable amount of rain this spring, as most spots have gotten around a foot and a half of rain since March 1st. That makes this spring the wettest on record in the Tri-Cities.

So far this year, we've accumulated nearly two feet of rain. While that's not enough for a record of any kind, we didn't get to that point last year until August 20th!

The reason for all the wet weather, especially over the last two weeks, has to do with a pattern called the 'omega block.' It's essentially called this, because this pattern is shaped like the Greek letter 'omega.' Plus, it keeps the weather pattern from changing very much. This will drop another front into the area this weekend, leaving us with a good shot of rain (especially on Sunday and Monday).

Oh, and one last thing. You might be asking why I'm referring to spring in the past tense. Meteorological spring ends today (May 31). Simply put, it's easier to keep records every year by just starting seasons on the 1st of a month. Astronomical seasons don't always start on the same days.

According to the Climate Prediction Center, the month of June will likely be wetter than average again.