September 2017 the coolest on record so far in the Tri-Cities


Once September hit, people (like my mom) started buying every pumpkin-flavored thing in sight and started preparing for autumn. Little did they know, autumn hit right now...for now. Eleven days through, September of 2017 has been the coolest September-to-date on record in the Tri-Cities.

If you ask my personal opinion, I've enjoyed it. Though the combination of high pressure north of us and Irma south of us made for some record-breaking chill that I wasn't ready for on Monday.

Record chill has been the name of the game this month, as morning lows have dropped below 50 four separate times in the last eleven days. That's only happened two other times in the first eleven days of September. That was in 1984 and 1967.

Three of those 40s mornings happened just last week.

Last Thursday, the mercury plummeted to 45° in the Tri-Cities. Then Friday came along and said "Oh yeah, Thursday? Hold my beer!" That's when the temperature dropped to 44° in the Tri-Cities.

Saturday came along, and the record book snapped shut for a little bit. Temperatures 'only' dropped to 47.

To put this in perspective, we've dropped into the 40s more than we've risen into the 80s this September. We hit 83 on the 1st and on the 4th and 80 on the 13th.

Through August, 2017 was the second warmest year on record in our area. After the last week and a half, it's now the fourth warmest year on record.

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