SNOWVEMBER: Three years ago today, we started November with snow

Background Photo: Jan Johnson - Nickelsville

Trick-or-Treaters felt a little rushed in 2014, as the weather had some tricks of its own up its sleeve. By November 1st, a lot of us were waking up to this...

This was the scene in Mountain City from Lisa Potter.

A large area of low pressure in the upper levels of the atmosphere dropped like a bowling ball from the Great Lakes into our region. This was enough to pull in bone-chilling air and enough moisture for some snow.

This was a pretty uncharacteristic event, especially given the time of year.

By going back through records, we were able to pull snow archives for a few towns in our viewing area. I remember Kingsport virtually seeing nothing, while Bristol and Abingdon had a couple of inches. Areas south and east piled up a bit more snow.

While this past weekend's snow event was rather unusual too, it didn't quite come close to what we saw on November 1st, 2014. That following winter, we had four snowstorms in rapid succession in February. (For those wondering about this coming winter, we're still putting together the finishing touches and hope to issue a winter outlook soon.)

If you were to look at this day last year, we hit a record high of 82°. Goes to show you just how interesting our weather can be, especially when we're transitioning from season to season.

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