Stormy pattern returns for the Memorial Day weekend

Kevin Mullins - Wise, VA

The weather seems to pick the most inconvenient times to get active recently, but of course we have no control over that. While Friday's weather is fantastic, this weekend may be a little different at times.

Let's start you out with the basics.

After Friday's low humidity, the moisture cranks back up on Saturday. That moist, unstable air sits along and south of a frontal boundary.

This boundary will provide a focal point for clusters of showers and storms to develop. We call these MCSs or 'mesoscale convective complexes.' These can be tough to forecast even 1-2 days in advance. With that frontal boundary in our general area, though, we can't just turn the other cheek and ignore the potential.

Anything that forms may race into the area as soon as Saturday evening, though the better chance generally seems to be Sunday morning. The main threat with any storm would be the potential for damaging wind gusts in spots and heavy rain. With our soils being so saturated, 1" of rain in a couple of hours would lead to flooding.

While a good chunk of Saturday looks dry, we still want you to be aware of the weather. It's humid enough that a few storms may pop up before any 'MCS' comes down into the region. Our StormTrack 5 Mobile App is the best way to go, as you can get the latest radar and/or alerts (should one be issued).

I wouldn't quite cancel your weekend plans just yet, but here's what I would do:

a) Pay attention to our latest forecasts on air, online, on social media or on mobile.

b) Have a way to get weather information, while you're out and about this holiday weekend.

c) Have a Plan B. There's a good chunk of dry time on Saturday, but Sunday and Monday may feature a little more wet time.

We'll be here to keep you posted throughout and let you know what to expect.

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