TDOT and VDOT spending less due to this winter's snow shortage

Photo Credit: Elissa Powers - Powell Valley Overlook

Some of us woke up to snow Wednesday morning, while others didn't wake up to a thing! That's been the story quite a few times this winter. In fact, in the Tri-Cities alone - there's only been 4.0" of snow. The average for this point in the year is 9.4". It's for that reason that TDOT and VDOT have had to spend less money on snow removal this winter.

We reached out to Mark Nagi with TDOT first, and here's what we found out. TDOT has budgeted roughly $7.8 million for snow removal in the northeastern corner of the state. So far, they've spent roughly $2.8 of that. However, in the past few years - they've spent more than $4.3 million on snow removal. This includes overtime pay, manpower, equipment, etc.

Crossing state lines, we spoke with Michelle Earl with VDOT. We found out from her that the VDOT Bristol District, which covers areas west of I-77, budgeted close to $20 million in snow removal. So far, only $10 million of that has been spent. In the last few years, however, at least $26.6 million has been spent on snow removal operations.

It's not likely that either department will have to spend much in the next one to two weeks. Temperatures warm up to near record highs by early next week. For details, head to our online forecast.