WINTER IS COMING: Meteorological winter starts this Friday


I know what you're thinking. "The winter I remember starts later in December," and you're right. That's astronomical winter, when the sun appears directly over the Tropic of Cancer (23.5°N). The winter we're referring to is meteorological winter, which starts on Friday, December 1st.

Why do we do this?'s easier for record/data keeping than having to switch dates every year according to the sun's position.

Throughout meteorological winter, we actually gain 104 minutes of daylight. Not too shabby, right? January and February are, traditionally, the coldest months out of the year.

On average, that's also when we tend to get 58% of our yearly snowfall. All of these statistics were compiled by researching data at the Tri-Cities Airport since 1938.

Don't expect to go seeing many snowflakes around the first week of December, though. The Climate Prediction Center's 6-to-10 day outlook shows a good chance of above average temperatures and below average precipitation.

While the pattern turns more active in the western half of the US, a ridge of high pressure builds after this coming Friday. This tends to lead to warmer and drier weather.

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