Police: 5 men charged after fight breaks out at Rogersville protest
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Five men have been charged with disorderly conduct stemming from a fight which broke out at the protest in Rogersville Saturday, according to police.

According to the Rogersville Police Department, multiple men were seen yelling racial slurs numerous times. The remarks were an attempt to agitate peaceful protesters and were creating a hazardous situation to other protesters and officers, police added.

A short time later, officers saw a large fight taking place during the protest, which led to the arrests of five men. They were all charged with disorderly conduct.

Those who were arrested were:

  • Stephen Parker Smith, 27, of Louisville, Tennessee
  • Cory Smith, 25, of Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Adam Lawrence Rice, 24, of Maryville, Tennessee
  • Caleb Dane Rose, 21, of Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Craig Briggs Spaulding, 32, of Knoxville, Tennessee

All men were taken to the Hawkins County Jail.

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