TWRA releases identity of two killed in Loudoun Lake boating accident

TWRA wildlife officers are investigating a fatal boating incident on Fort Loudoun Lake that resulted in the deaths of two people Saturday afternoon.

TWRA Sgt. Roy Smith reports a pontoon boat being operated by 70-year-old Terrance Andrew Dea traveling upstream in the Little River portion of Fort Loudoun Lake near Alcoa Highway was passed by a personal watercraft operated by 18-year-old Emma Renee Fila around 4:30 p.m. A few minutes after, the pontoon boat came upon the PWC and the female operator floating face down in the water after the PWC had reportedly collided with a concrete railroad bridge support.

Officials say the pontoon boat’s operator jumped into the water in an attempt to rescue the PWC operator but was incapacitated by a medical emergency. Bystanders on another boat pulled both victims from the water and administered CPR, but neither survived.

The PWC operator was wearing a lifejacket and the ignition safety switch lanyard as required by law, and the pontoon boat operator was not wearing a lifejacket, according to authorities.

TWRA has not released the identities of either individual, check back for updates. The incident is under investigation.

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