Virginia Department of Environmental Quality investigating Bristol, Virginia landfill
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Many Bristol residents were expecting to have relief from the Bristol landfill odors, but that's not the case.

New gas wells have been installed and connected at the landfill in an effort to mitigate the foul-smelling emissions.

The construction was completed mid-December according to city officials.

However, residents like Joel Kellog say they're still holding their breath.

"Christmas was supposed to be that the day, you know, that we see if these walls work. And now we're being told that, you know, several more weeks to tune these things. And really, we haven't noticed a difference here. If anything, it's gotten worse," Hope for Bristol's Joel Kellog said.

The city of Bristol, Tennessee will be holding a public information session on the results from independent testing they commissioned.

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality is encouraging residents to report landfill odors through the correct system.

Per the request of DEQ officials, Bristol, Virginia has been following an odor management plan since January 2021.

DEQ officials say the plan requires documentation, investigation and action be taken in response to odor complaints. But the only effective means of monitoring complaints is through the official DEQ portal.

Access to the odor management plans complaint portal can be found on the city of Bristol, Virginia's website.

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