2017 Local Weather Review

2017 Tri-Cities Weather in Review

Our first big snow event of the 2017 arrived on January 7th, blanketing the area with several inches of snow. 

Four days later... we hit 60 degrees. This began a trend, of warm days through February and March with few major snowstorms. 

For the winter months, we were left with a seasonal snow total of 4.3". 

​In April, NASCAR came to town, and so did the rains. Flash Flood Watches dampened the usually quick paced race weekend. 

3+ inches of rain fell, causing Beaver Creek to rise out of it's banks, flooding Earnhardt Campground and nearby souvenir tents. Some campers were rescued by NASCAR driver Chris Buescher. 

On May 12th,  an EF-0 tornado touched down in Shady Valley. The Tornado warning, issued by the National Weather Service 10 min before the tornado touched down was the first in our area since 2014. 

In August, the Total Solar Eclipse captivated millions across the nation, turning the skies dark for a few minutes from coast to coast and reminding us all of how spectacular, and beautiful nature can be... 

Mother Nature also showed her other side in 2017- the destructive one. 

The 2017 Atlantic Hurricane season was the fifth-most active season since records began in 1851, with Major Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria impacting the US. 

While the Tri-Cities escaped any major direct impacts, we played host to evacuees and did receive some rain and wind from Hurricane Irma. The remnants of Hurricane Nate in October would also spawn an EF-1 tornado in Ashe County, NC, the first in county history. 

In October, flash flooding impacted Carter County and the Roan Mountain community, causing damage in the town and at Roan Mountain State Park. One man had to be rescued from the Doe River when his car was swept away. 

2017 was also the year of warmth. We would hit 90 for the first time on April 29th - the second earliest date on record. We'd keep that trend going, through the summer and fall months. October alone featured 13 80 degree or higher days - with several records. Despite the recent December chill, 2017 looks to be the warmest year on record. 

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