8th vehicle in Asheville area hit by projectile


Another victim is adding his name to the list of people whose vehicles were damaged by projectiles while driving around Asheville.

Ashley Wilson is the eighth person to file a report claiming an object hit their vehicle while driving since Sept. 24, according to our sister station WLOS.

He said his incident occurred at 1 p.m. Nov. 13. He was driving on Interstate 240 near the I-40 split when he saw someone standing behind the guardrail on the eastbound side.

"I just looked, and I was like, 'Guy's got a gun pointed at me,' and the window went bam,'" Wilson said.

He called 911, filled out a report with an officer and that was the last he heard of it until Wednesday night.

"I would have expected him to take it a little more serious," he said.

Wilson also said he was shocked that something like this would happen.

"I don't know why anybody would do anything like that. Shooting at cars? C'mon. Dumb, just dumb," said Wilson.

Christina Hallingse, a spokeswoman for the Asheville Police Department, said the agency is investigating the cases and is asking the public for information leading to an arrest.

Wilson said the man appeared to be younger, either white or a light-skinned black man with a skinny build, between 150 and 160 pounds.

He said he was wearing a black hoodie, black jeans and had a skinny mustache.

"C'mon, use your head. Find something else to do with your life than damage other people's property and potentially hurt somebody," said Wilson.

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