WEIRD SOUNDS: Frozen lakes in the Tri-Cities produce odd sounds!

Weird Sounds around Frozen Lakes

If you walk near an area lake in the coming days, you may hear some weird sounds!​Ice on lakes is dynamic- it expands and contracts as the temperature changes. As our area lakes have frozen over, these weird sounds have appeared.Similar to a drumhead or a cymbal, ice makes a resonating sound when something strikes it. The sound you hear is actually the ice vibrating up and down since not all of the water is frozen. Under the ice, there is still liquid. This is a good reason why you should NOT walk on the ice in our area. It is too thin to support your weight.One way you can make this yourself is to throw an item like a heavy rock onto the lake. The impact of the rock on the ice causes a sound wave to quickly radiate outward - with higher pitched tones arriving first before the deeper tones.Different types of ice even produce different sounds. Clear ice often produces a more high pitched sound- while snow ice- the opaque looking type-  produces a lower frequency sound often easier to hear in the cold air.If you hear sounds like this near area lakes, send us a video! You can email your video to, or send it to us on social media. - Meteorologist Ricky MatthewsAnd just a reminder, don't walk out on a frozen lake unless you know it is deep enough.
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