5 Star Student: 2020 Olympic hopeful training at ETSU

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ETSU is hosting a track and field athlete who has hopes of heading to the 2020 Olympic Games.

Chu-Han Yang, known as Hank in America, is the fastest sprinter in Taiwan.

He's traveled all the way to Johnson City to train with world renowned experts, like Dr. Brad DeWeese.

"Hank runs the 100 meter dash, so we have roughly 10 seconds to make him perfect," said DeWeese.

The team at ETSU's Olympic training site is bringing out the best technology to time hank.

"Genetically, he's got what it takes. What we're trying to do is shave milliseconds off his time," said DeWeese.

Hank doesn't speak much English, but he sat down with News 5 using a translator.

"I feel like the ETSU team is very welcoming and warm because they've been so nice to me. They communicate with each other frequently, so there's no problems with communication," said Hank.

Hank is the first athlete from Taiwan to train at ETSU.

"It's so special to have hank with us," said DeWeese. "Right now, we're just using the technology to overcome the language barrier, that way we can inform him on what we need to improve once the preseason starts back."

Hank has been in the states for about three weeks, and has one week left before he heads back to Taiwan to continue his training with his team there.

"I want to bring this mindset, style, and training back to Taiwan. Not only for me, but also for my Taiwanese team," said Hank.

He heads home during the first week of October. Back in Taiwan, he's attending National Taiwan University of Sport.

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