5 Star Student: Brothers bike cross country for a cause

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Two Abingdon brothers have recently returned to Southwest Virginia after biking across the country for the Eagle Scouts.

Phillip and Brandon Bolick say they got into cross country biking by chance. They say two years ago they were biking casually near home when professional cyclists approached them, and asked if they ever considered biking cross country.

The idea appealed to the brothers, so they looked into it further. Then after a year of training, they embarked on their journey through the Eagle Scouts.

"Overall we biked 4,100 miles. We did around 65 each day and our longest day was 116 miles," said Phillip, a rising 10th grader at Abingdon High School.

The duo biked from Seattle to Washington D.C., all while spreading awareness on childhood obesity and the importance of being an Eagle Scout.

"One of the coolest parts of the journey was meeting all of the scouts across the country. I can't even count how many times we were at a restaurant or a bike shop and met another Eagle Scout. That was awesome because we were spreading awareness and meeting new friends," said Brandon, a sophomore at the University of Virginia.

They both agreed that their trip was full of high points, and sometimes low points.

"I would have to say much more than physically challenging, the trek was mentally challenging. A lot of people don't think about how many hours we were on the bike. The longest days were upwards of 10-11 hours," said Brandon.

The brothers would stay in campsites along the way, and get to sleep in a real beds at motels every other week.

Overall, they say it was worth it.

"It's hard to beat biking through Yellowstone. That was breathtaking," said Brandon.

"It was totally worth it. If I were to ask myself now if I would do it again, I totally would," said Phillip.

They don't have any plans in the works for another biking trip. For now, they are focusing on heading back to school.

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