5 Star Student: Designing a Snapchat geofilter


A recent high school graduate in our region came up with the design for Lebanon, Virginia's Snapchat geofilter.

A geofilter is a customized design you can use on Snapchat to show your friends where you are.

When Nicole Boothe realized Abingdon had a geofilter, but her hometown of Lebanon did not, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

"I thought why don't I just make one. So, I ended up creating one and it only took 20 minutes. Then in the end Snapchat accepted it and it was pretty cool," said Nicole.

She said she tried to use elements of Southwest Virginia in her design.

"The top of the geofilter is red and simply says 'Lebanon, Virginia.' Then the bottom of it has a little heart with 'SWVA' written because Russell County is the heart of southwest Virginia," said Nicole.

She said after her design went live on the app, it blew up on social media.

"I remember when it first got activated it was the week of the Russell County Fair-- so people from Honaker or Cedar Bluff were traveling through the area and were posting the geofilter on their snapchat stories. I kept thinking, 'I made that.' People were recognizing that I made it, and that was really amazing," said Nicole.

But more than the notoriety, Nicole says the filter helped put Lebanon on the social media map.

"We're a small town and not a lot of people recognize us. But with the geofilter, we become something, and we can be seen on social media," said Nicole.

Her mother bursts with pride when speaking about her daughter's accomplishments.

"I think her design is really creative because she put a lot of thought into it. She tried to make it custom to Lebanon and Russell County by using the heart of Southwest Virginia," said Eilene Boothe Moss, Nicole's mother.

Nicole says this experience has peaked her interest in graphic design, and that she would like to minor in it in college.

If you know a 5 Star Student like Nicole, send an email to or message Ellie Romano through her Facebook page here.

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