5 Star Student: Giving back to others


Maggie Johnson is a senior at Tennessee High School. When she's not working on schoolwork, she's giving back to her community.

She's been dancing at Watts Dance Studio since she was three-years old. Now, she's a teacher there and mentors young students.

She teaches preschoolers a variety of dances, including ballet.

"The classes are a lot of fun. The students are full of personality," said Maggie.

Tim Davis taught Maggie English throughout high school and was always impressed by her level of maturity.

His daughter is in Maggie's dance class, and he thinks Maggie is the perfect teacher.

"I can't imagine a better role model for my daughter. She gets to see a strong, young woman who is very confident," said Davis.

Maggie often gives back to the younger generation. Last year she volunteered through the organization Girls on the Run. She helped the young girls involved build up their self-esteem.

"Those girls don't always have someone at home to look up to. It was fun to be someone for them," said Maggie.

She's also involved in several community service clubs through her high school.

This year, she helped put together dental kits for the organization Healing Hands.

"It's really neat knowing that something we can do that's as small as putting little things together in a bag can help someone out. They probably need it a lot more than we think," said Maggie.

After high school, Maggie is headed to ETSU. She's been accepted into the Honors College with a full scholarship.

"I was super excited and relieved to know that my college was going to taken care of, and that I didn't have to worry about applying to more scholarships and that I had somewhere to go," said Maggie.

Maggie's dedication to others makers her a 5 Star Student.

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