5 Star Student: Meet Logan Price


Logan Price is only in 8th grade, but he already plays guitar, bass and drums.

He's 14-year-old and the youngest person in the Highlands Fellowship Church band.

His mentors say Logan has skills beyond his years, but you'll never hear him brag about it.

"I don't think I'm any better than anyone else," said Logan.

Logan wanted to become a member of his church's band after his father started playing in it.

"It's fun playing with your parents. My dad taught me everything I know," said Logan.

Wesley Price is Logan's father. He says he recognized Logan's musical talent at an early age.

"When Logan was 3-years-old, I was playing the guitar and Logan was playing with a toy set of drums we had bought him. As I was playing guitar, he started playing the drums with me. That's when I looked at my wife and said 'he's got a little bit of rhythm,'" said Price.

Logan is a student at Chilhowie Middle School. His musical skills are so advanced, he was asked to play in the high school marching band.

"He takes music very seriously. He is always the student that's going to come in, know his part, and he's going to know it better than most. He strives to be the best at whatever he does," said William Green, the Director of Band at Chilhowie High School.

Even though music is Logan's passion, it takes a back seat when it comes to his school work.

"When I first get home I do all of my studying. Then for a couple hours a night, I'll focus on music," said Logan.

Logan's dedication to school work and music makes him a 5 Star Student.

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