5 Star Student: Overcoming addiction


Monica Tucker isn't your traditional college student.

Growing up, she didn't think it was a possibility for her to go to college.

"I never thought that I was good enough to go to school," said Monica.

Throughout her life, she struggled with drug addiction.

"I continuously used throughout my life, through high school and middle school, and my early adult life," she said.

After high school, Monica said her addiction spiraled out of control, and she began to face legal problems.

She also began to have her children, and realized she needed help.

Now, she's been clean for four years.

"I wouldn't be where I am today if i hadn't gone through all the pain and obstacles I endured. I'm really grateful for them. All those experiences make me who I am today," said Monica.

When she began studying at Northeast State Community College, she said she didn't interact much with other students.

"I was really ashamed of being an addict at first. I didn't feel comfortable with anyone here knowing about it because I was afraid they would judge me," she said.

But that mindset changed, and now Monica is an advocate for others struggling with substance abuse.

She's now studying to become a social worker.

Her professors have watched her gain confidence over the years.

"I remember the first day of class we had together. Monica was the shy, quiet one sitting in the corner and she was reluctant to speak. Over the last couple of years, she has grown in her ability to speak in class and to talk about things that are important to her," said Tricia Crawford, a professor at the college.

Monica was recently accepted to King University-- another step she never thought was possible.

"They wanted me. I applied and they accepted me. It just feels so different. And it's a good different," said Monica.

Her passion for helping others and studying social work makes her a 5 Star Student.

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