5 Star Student: Painting Elizabethton


Sarrah Eggers graduated from Elizabethton High School in the spring.

While she was in school, she created a program to help beautifying her hometown.

She said she wanted to add more art to the town after walking down main street and noticing it was very monotone.

"I love the people here and I love Elizabethton, but it's just not as pretty as it could be," said Sarrah.

Her solution was to paint murals around town.

The first mural she organized is a large piece of artwork on the back of the Dressing Room store.

Then she moved on to her second mural, a set of wings on the side of Blue River art gallery

"More and more people started coming to Blue River to take a picture of the wings and then they would go inside the art gallery. That was the whole point of why I wanted to do murals-- to get people's attention and to get them to check out our local businesses," said Sarrah.

She doesn't paint the murals herself-- she finds the artists and secures paint and brush donations.

Now she's working on organizing a third mural in town: it will be another set of wings alongside the original pair.

"Each side of the wings will represent something different. One side is going represent Tennessee, and the other will represent Elizabethton," explained Sarrah. "The Elizabethton side will include highlights of the area like out school mascots and the Covered Bridge. The Tennessee side is going to be full of Tennessee's nature."

Sarrah is heading to college in the Fall at Northeast State Community College. Since she is staying close to home, she says she will continue to organize more murals in town.

If you know a 5 Star Student like Sarrah, send me an email, or send Ellie Romano a Facebook message.

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