5 Star Student: Recent high school graduate becomes small business owner

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When Josh Eaton was 15-years-old, he was traveling on the road with his family and found he frequently did not have access to outlets.

To help his family always have access to a power supply, he created a portable power pack.

"It'll run any A/C appliances, refrigerators, microwaves and cell phones," said Josh Eaton.

His packs run on solar power, so as long as you have sun, you'll have power.

He took his product idea to his marketing class at Honaker High School, and asked his teacher for help branding his packs.

"He is the only student I've ever had that actually had a product. All I helped him do was make the logo," said business education teacher Kimberly Compton.

In class, he designed a logo for his product. He then filed the necessary paperwork to become a small business owner-- his company is aptly named Eaton Power Pack.

"The company's taken off pretty well. We're getting ready to launch a website. I think once that happens, it will be a full-blown, marketed business," said Josh.

Eaton Power Pack is well known in Honaker. Josh has received an out pour of support from his school.

His company's logo is now on a bulletin board in Ms. Compton's class to inspire other students to follow their dreams.

"He had a vision, and he worked towards it on his own," said Ms. Compton.

Josh continues to work on his company during the day, while taking night classes at Southwest Virginia Community College to further his education.

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