5 Star Student: Taking initiative on and off the field


Rising senior Gabriel Figueroa starts his last, first day at Lebanon High School on Wednesday.

He says his senior year will be bittersweet, because while he'll get to head to college, he'll be leaving behind his high school football team-- and he says his teammates are his family.

"If they need something, I'm there. If I need something, they're all there asking if i'm okay or need anything. Especially Coach Webb, he's always there for us," said Gabriel.

Head coach Michael Webb says he pushes his players to be upstanding members of the community.

"We just try to take care of each other, not just our team members, but everybody in the hallway," said coach Webb.

Gabriel takes that mentality with him outside of school, when he volunteers at the Lebanon Life Saving Crew.

"When he joined the team, the first thing he asked was to be shown everything on the ambulance. Within a couple of weeks, he knew the truck inside and out," said EMT Doro Martin.

"I've learned so much. The Life Saving Crew is also like my family. If I need one of them, they're there for me too," said Gabriel.

He wants to become a physician assistant in the Air Force. If he fulfills this dream, he'll be the 10th generation of military in his family.

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