School Nutrition: Cafeterias nationwide are providing healthier lunches

USDA released new healthy food options for all cafeterias.

Sevier Middle School in Kingsport begins a new school year.

They are giving students healthier choices in the cafeteria.

"We do our best to give them a variety of options so they want to eat with us," said registered dietitian Jennifer Walker. "So their minds will have what they need to learn."

School cafeterias nationwide must meet new federal guidelines in all meal selections.

Sharon Price, the school nutrition manager at Sevier Middle School finds ways to improve service and increase choices to meet students needs and tastes.

"We add the love and you want it to taste good. You want it to look good but you want them to know that we care about them," said Price.

The cafeteria is offering healthier options such as whole-grain bread and low-fat.

But you can always go for something simple to keep your mind and body healthy like an apple.

"We have lean proteins and whole grains. Everything is low sodium and low saturated fat. We have 1% and fat free milk," said Walker.

A USDA study shows that kids who eat better, perform better.

Healthy kids get better grades, have better attendance and behave better in class.

Walker encourages parents to become proactive with health eating and physical activity.

"When parents encourage them to pick up those fruits and vegetables and give them all the nutrients that their body needs, they can grow," said Walker.

"We take pride in what we do and I think that is true with all of the cafeteria workers at every school you go to," said Price.

Sevier Middle School will feed more than one thousand students a day for breakfast and lunch.

They will offer healthy options for every meal.

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