JT Brooks continues to push the limit


A high school football player who was paralyzed on the field is not letting his disability slow down his life JT Brooks' face tells the story. His work out is not easy, but amid the struggle with the weights JT Brooks' determination shines through. He plans to walk again "I'm very determined. I push myself hard." says Brooks the former Cherokee High School quarterback, "I get it from football workouts, playing sports, I'm very determined I'm going to get there someday." A accident during football practice in May 2016 left him paralyzed. He can't walk and only has limited function of his arms and hands. The athlete who once hoped to play in college is now hitting the gym five days a week for rehab. He's making progress and getting around quite well on his own, but this 17-year-old is ready for some different wheels. "I was driving for an out 6 months before my injury, I was having a good time, I'm a pretty good driver if I do say so. I'm excited to get back on the road, a little freedom." His family is currently working to have his Chevy pickup outfitted with special lifts and controls. He's already passed his evaluation and the truck is being retrofitted now. "It is important," Brooks says about driving, "as much as I like spending time with my mom and dad, they like their freedom and I like my freedom and going out with my friends." Just like many other rising high school seniors, he's starting to look ahead to college. "Before my injury I was looking where I might get a football or baseball scholarship. Now I'm looking for the right fit to give me a good education and I'll fit in with the people," says Brooks. And while it may not happen tomorrow or next week, Brooks is one determined individual whose not stopping until one day he can stand on his own and more. The community is once again coming together to help the Brooks family. A golf tournament is planned August 5 and 6th at McDonald Hills Golf Course in Rogersville.

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