WEEKEND DRIVE: Beginner Skiing at Beech Mountain


In the mountains of North Carolina, the winter months are the ski months. With several slopes, there's plenty for skiers, snowboarders and winter weather lovers to explore at Beech Mountain.

With a peak elevation of 5,506 feet and 17 trails in total, the resort is the perfect place for skiers of all experience levels.

Even beginners.... like me.

Ski Patrol Director Brad Backwell says the biggest mistake people make is that "They don't take a few minutes and try to learn their surroundings. They'll get on the first chairlift they see and often times that's our lift 5 and that goes straight to the top. "

Another tip: If you rent skis, make sure they're from a reputable place.

Backwell says that most reputable places will have requirements for testing their equipment. In making sure your gear is safe, you'll lower your risk of an injury.

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