Weekend Drive: Llama Hikes


Our region has a plethora of trails waiting for you to explore, but most of the time people explore with their friends, family or furry companions like a dog...

What would you say though if we told you a llama may be the perfect hiking companion the next time you want to explore the outdoors...

Sandy Sgrillo (aka "Llama Mama") is the owner of The Wandering Llamas. She says the llamas are curious, funny, interesting and are great for spotting wildlife. They'll often see the animals before you to!

Her llamas (and you) go on hikes in the TN and NC mountains on pre-determined trails.

On the hikes- the llamas do the work, carrying the gear so you don't have to.

"We have a short trek it's only a couple hours long. Little kids can lead them, they're very gentle. and then we also have an all day hike we go all day, sit, have lunch and they'll carry your gear, tables, chairs coolers, we set it up and have a beautiful lunch out in the mountains."

Sandy tells me that llamas are great for hiking trails because of their feet.

"They have pads like a cat or a dog and they have two toes so they're very shore footed. You'd never even know a llama walked on the trail- they don't tear up the trails like horses do and you'd never even see a footprint unless it was left in the mud. "

And despite what most people think- Sandy tells me when raised properly, Llamas won't spit at people.

"Once you hike with a llama, you never want to go hiking along again," Sandy says...

On a Weekend Drive in Greene County, TN, I'm Meteorologist Ricky Matthews, for News 5, WCYB.. .


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