10 people testify in day two of Sullivan County murder trial

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BLOUNTVILLE, Tenn--Robert Seth Denton appeared in Sullivan County criminal court for day two of his trial.

Denton, who was 19 at the time, is accused of going inside a family home on Henson Road in August 2015 in Bristol, Tennessee with a rifle and killing his mother Toshya Millhorn, 39, his stepfather, James Millhorn, 36, and his grandmother, Lena Rose, 57. Investigators said six children including five of Denton's half siblings under the age of 10 witnessed the shootings.

In opening statements, the defense said they have evidence to prove Denton isn’t the killer, but instead his grandfather committed the crime.

Tuesday, the jury heard testimony from 10 witnesses. Law enforcement officers, dispatchers, EMS personnel, family members, and neighbors all took the witness stand.

Curtis Rose, Seth Denton’s grandfather, took the stand early Tuesday morning. He testified that he was in the backyard, with a saw, working on a trailer when the murders happened.

Rose said Robert Seth Denton approached him, and told him to call 911. Denton then walked away into the woods.

Rose said when walked inside the house, and saw his wife, daughter, and son in law. His son-in-law, James Millhorn was still alive, but had been shot in the back two times. He said he put the 6 children, inside the bathroom.

“They were screaming and hollering,” said Rose.

Rose said he grabbed a gun from his gun cabinet, and went to find Denton.

“I got in the van and went to the driveway,” said Rose.

“Why,” said District Attorney General, Barry Staubus.

“Because I was going to kill him,” Rose said.

Rose shot Denton in the arm, but he escaped.

The 6 children who were inside the home, were later taken to Sheila Thomas's house, who lived nearby.

“They had blood all over them, and bone. their hair was just covered in bone and blood and anything you could think of,” said Thomas.

The trial resumes tomorrow at 8:30a.m. Follow @WCYB_Quon on Twitter for the latest.


**The previous article stated Sheila's last name as Sheila Jonas, not Sheila Thomas. It has been corrected.

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