5th graders raising money for clean water in Third World countries


A group of students at an elementary school in Sullivan County is trying to help people in Third World countries get access to clean water.

5th graders at Indian Springs Elementary School were inspired to get involved after reading an article in school.

"A few weeks back we read an article called Two Miles for a Drink of Water. It's about this girl who's our age who has to walk two miles every day to get clean water-- and the water's not even that clean, it's usually muddy and has diseases," said 5th grader Maggie Niebruegge.

The class was moved by the story.

"Most of us felt really sad. Some of us even cried because it's really sad that these kids don't have clean water and that they are dying," said Maggie.

Instead of standing idly by, the students wanted to do something to help those people who need clean water.

The class is now raising money to buy a well for a community in need.

The class's teacher is touched by her student's actions.

"It's encouraging as an educator to know that what you teach really does impact them and the rest of the world," said 5th grade teacher Rebecca Jessee.

The students are also selling bracelets they made, baked good, and t-shirts to raise money. They're goal is to raise $10,000.

"We are at about $2,000 now, and that's just in the past three weeks," said Jessee.

They hope to have the money raised by the start of the next school year.

Before school is out this year, they're planning another big fundraiser.

"We're going to do an outdoor movie night. One of my friends has a big movie screen and we're going to bring it to the school and have a movie night," said Jessee.

To donate to the school's cause, visit

You can also help by purchasing a t-shirt from Rebecca Jessee's Facebook page.

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