As the temperature drops to the low teens, black ice is forming on the roads

Police are warning drivers to stay safe on the roads tonight as the temperatures drop to the low teens. (Christy Calcagno/WCYB).

The new week will open with frigid temperatures in Southwest Virginia.

Wise County saw an inch of snow on the roads, but Sheriff’s Lt. Mark Payne warns of black ice.

"Secondary roads are a bit slicker than primary roads normally but road crews have been working them all morning as they can. But because of the temperatures, they are getting a little slick. And the snow is continuing to stick around. But it's mainly the temperatures that we're worried about," warns Lt. Payne.

Norton resident Toby Stidham says he's prepared.

"I have my truck, common rail diesel, and 4-wheeled drive. Snow isn't going to stop me," says Stidham.

But for Louie Hall of Castlewood who lost power, he’s trying to find a warm place to stay.

"Hopefully they'll have my power back on soon. Last time I lost my power Friday through Sunday. Hopefully it won't be long this time," says Hall.

It's important to remember the four P's of staying warm and safe when the temperatures hit below freezing.

People: Make sure if there are any elders in your area, they have a warm and safe place to stay at night.

Pets: Keep them inside when the temperature hits below freezing.

Plants: If you're able to take your plants inside, do so if they are not able to hand and combat the cold temperatures.

Pipes: Make sure your have a small amount of running water on so your pipes don't freeze.

"We recommend first that you don't get out. Only travel if necessary. If you do need to get out. Take your time. Take extra precautions," says Lt. Payne.

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