Attorney: Bristol Compressors asking employees to drop out of suit to get 'stay on' bonus

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    The attorney for employees suing Bristol Compressors over lack of proper notice of closing the plant and elimination of severance benefits says the company is doing something else improper.

    Mary Lynn Tate is the attorney behind the suit that seeks to become class action and represent all 470 Bristol Compressors employees losing their jobs.

    She says part of those workers were offered “stay on“ bonuses if they would sign off saying they will not be part of the lawsuit.

    “They have threatened employees and said we are not going to pay that bonus we promised until you work until the end unless you sign away every legal claim you have or might have," Tate told WCYB on Friday.

    Company officials will not return our calls and have not yet responded to the lawsuit.

    They have given final notice to the city of closing in 10 days.

    “The fact that they extended four months now is a pretty good basis to conclude they could’ve given all these employees 60 days’ notice, had they acted reasonably and timely, and knowing what their financial circumstances were," she added.

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