Ballad Health announces plan for pediatric trauma center during introduction to Tri-Cities


Promising to eliminate duplicative services and invest in the community, Ballad Health introduced itself to the Tri-Cities Friday.

The merging of Mountain States Health Alliance and Wellmont Health System will continue for many months, but they will operate from here on under Ballad Health.

Ballad Health President and CEO Alan Levine says the merger isn’t going to be easy, but the community will be better off as a result.

“The headwinds in the health system have not gone away – they’re going to get worse,” Levine said. “Things that are happening in the marketplace to hospitals are not going away, but there are some very good things that are going to happen.”

Levine announced plans to build a pediatric trauma center in the region, saying everywhere in Tennessee with a Level 1 trauma center also has a pediatric trauma center.

Ballad Health has not yet decided where the corporate offices will be located in the Tri-Cities.

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