Bear cub recovering after being found sick and malnourished

    Picture Courtesy of Travis Anderson <p>{/p}

    APPALACHIA, VA-- A black bear cub is recovering after being found malnourished near the Virginia/Kentucky line.

    According to Travis Anderson, the bear was seen hanging out on the side of the road on Black Mountain. Anderson said they made several attempts to call wildlife rescue to get the bear help.

    Kentucky Wildlife was notified, and they made a phone call to Appalachian Bear Rescue out of Townsend, TN.

    Picture Courtesy of Travis Anderson

    According to Appalachian Bear Rescue, the bear named "Hartley" is a male cub, who is almost 13 months old. He weighed 12 pounds when he arrived at the facility and was very sick, malnourished, and missing fur from his face and legs.

    Hartley had several abscesses on his body and was infested with ticks.

    Appalachian Bear rescue says they don't know if the bear will survive, but the vets believe he has a chance.

    You can learn more about Hartley's condition on Appalachian Bear Rescue's Facebook page.

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