Beware of car thieves when defrosting your car tomorrow morning

Snow and frost on the roads, and on your car.

Lillie Reed was defrosting her car and learned a lesson the hard way.

"Normally I'll start the truck and tell the kids to go right out there but something was telling me to leave them in the house" says Reed.

Reed's truck was stolen by two teenagers last week when she was getting her children ready for school.

"No sooner that I get into the garage, truck's gone," says Reed.

Reed was dragged trying to stop the thieves but not seriously injured.

Police warn of the risk of leaving a car running and unlocked.

"Especially when it's cold, you're going to draw attention from the exhaust. You still might draw attention to a thief, who might possibility attempt to get in that car when they see it running," says Sgt. Aaron Smith of the Sullivan County Sheriff's Office.

A safer and easier way to defrost your car windows without leaving your vehicle unattended is by buying defrost spray at your local auto parts store.

You can spray, leave it on for a few seconds and wipe away with your windshield.

There's also a quick home remedy that needs only two common household ingredients, water and rubbing alcohol.

Combine 1/3 water and 2/3 alcohol and pour onto your windshield; It works just the same.

"When you go back to your car, be aware of your surroundings. Look in and around your car to make sure nobody is around that does not belong," says Sgt. Smith. "If you do see someone, don't start a confrontation. Go somewhere safe as fast as you can and call 911."

"Get the help and do the right thing," says Reed.

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