Boy Scouts retire flags with continuous campfire

Boy scouts manage the campfire while retiring  flags. (Thomas Gray/WCYB)

Boy Scouts from around the Tri-Cities will retire flags all week in Bristol, Virginia.

Nine different scout troops will take shifts and maintain a continuous campfire. They will take donated non-service flags and burn them with the proper ceremony for flag retirement.

"I think it's important because we need to honor our country and show our support to the veterans,” boy scout Noah Osborne said.

Jeremiah Coleman, a fellow scout, said the troop is careful about the ceremony they use to retire a flag.

"If you do it in a different way, it could be disrespectful to the veterans," Coleman said.

The scouts will continue retiring flags until next weekend.

If you want to drop off flags, the scouts are on the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and State Street.

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