Bristol Virginia police investigating kitten being intentionally covered in pepper spray


UPDATE: The kitten that was pepper sprayed on Tuesday in Bristol, Virginia has been found and treated.

According to Kim Livesay, the cat was taken to Robinson Animal Hospital, had its eyes examined and is doing ok.

Livesay says, "He is a little thin, and covered in fleas. I had him triple tested and he's negative for leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus."

Livesay told News 5 the cat has been named Peppy.

A disturbing Facebook post featuring a smiling teenager covering a defenseless kitten with pepper spray is being investigated by the Bristol Virginia Police Department.

A department spokesperson confirmed to WCYB on Tuesday that petitions have been filed with Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court concerning the case.

The spokesperson also said a 17-year-old female is accused of the attack on the cat but the person who shot the video will not charged.

"Investigators with our department talked to the female subject who allegedly sprayed the cat with pepper spray. She was showing remorse for the incident and said she didn't intentionally mean to harm the cat," Captain Maynard Ratcliff said.

The court will decided if the juvenile will be charged in the case, according to police. According to the social media post, the video has been shared 400 times since it was posted on July 8.

Police say the kitten was a stray and they don't know where it is.

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