Business leaders pack boxes of food for families in need

Tri-Cities business leaders joined for breakfast Wednesday morning, followed by a good turn. (K. Roberts, WCYB)

Tri-Cities business leaders joined for breakfast Wednesday morning, followed by a good turn.

Many stayed to make sure families across the region will also wake up to breakfast meals.

More than 40 boxes and 2,400 hundred bags of food are packed and ready to go for families in need.

"Soups, a lot of time it's like the canned vegetables and fruit, canned meat sometimes, sometimes it has some nacho cheese and chips and crackers," Josie Russell with Second Harvest Food Bank.

Now, regular volunteers for Second Harvest Food Bank are getting extra help. Local elected officials and business leaders work to get food ready for distribution.

"It helps us out tremendously because it seems like we get so much more done, which means it's helping that much more people," volunteer Peggy Lewis said. She has been volunteering at least once a week for the past five years.

The distribution will be to elementary and middle school students throughout eight northeast Tennessee counties. Second Harvest distributes 16,000 bags each month.

"Those are foods that go home with kids on the weekend because many of those families depend on breakfast and lunch at school and on the weekends, there's an extra financial burden put on the families for them," Russell said.

Boxes will also be distributed to community food pantries where need increases during the holiday season.

Russell said, "People are having to chose between food and heat for their house. Especially at Christmas, they're having to decide whether they can buy presents or provide extra meals or fun holiday things."

Second Harvest provides food assistance for more than 40,000 people struggling with hunger in our region each month.

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