Carter County hopes to bring the community together to create a new EMS building

    Mayor Barnett and County Commissioner Ray Lyons stand on what could be the future of a new EMS building in Carter County. (Christy Calcagno/WCYB)

    A new EMS building could be coming to Carter County.

    Mayor Rusty Barnett says it's his top priority.

    The piece of land was donated to the county to be used to help the community.

    The land is off Highway 321 near Whaley Town road.

    The closest EMS service from the area is more than 8-miles away.

    Barnett says that's too far.

    He wants his community members around the area feel safe.

    "We’re not going to let up. We’re going to make things happen. We have a lot of good people that have come to back us up and help us. We are going to soon have this set up and have EMS right here," says Mayor Barnett.

    And Mayor Barnett says it will cost tax-payers nothing.

    Mayor Burnett and County Commissioner Ray Lyons are reaching out for volunteers instead of asking taxpayers for money for the project.

    Lyons says, "Materials donated. Getting people in the community excited about sharing some of their talents, sharing some of their money on this project. It’s not going to be a penny cost. I’ll say it again, it will not cost the county a penny when this was over.”

    Right now, the school board is offering a double-wide trailer to be used as the new building.

    On Thursday, the Mayor will ask for assistance from the school board to use the trailer and move the project forward.

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