Carter County Mayor Humphrey to run for reelection as write-in candidate

Current Carter County Mayor Leon Humphrey was defeated in the Republican primary last month. He announced Wednesday that he plans to run in the August race as an independent. (T. Davis, WCYB)

Leon Humphrey, the current Mayor of Carter County defeated in last month's Republican primary, announced Wednesday his plans to run in the August election as a write-in candidate.

His opponent will be Rusty Barnett who captured the primary win with 38 percent of the vote on May 1 with Humphrey placing second and Danny Ward third. There were no Democratic candidates for the County Mayor's race listed on the May ballot.

Presenting official paperwork of the filing at a news conference in Elizabethton, Humphrey said in a prepared statement that he had been "bombarded" daily by citizens urging him to run a write-in campaign.

Humphrey was one of two incumbent county mayors to be defeated locally in the May primary- the other was Greg Lynch in Unicoi County.

County elections along with federal and state primary elections are scheduled for Aug. 2.

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