Church Hill police: Drug deal gone wrong leads to 2 arrests

    Kevin King (left), Felicia Mitchell (right) (Photo credit: Church Hill Police Department)

    A drug deal gone wrong has led to the arrest of a man and a woman, according to the Church Hill Police Department.

    Police said they were called to the KenJo market on Silver Lake Road on Sunday. Police spoke with several people and found that a narcotics transaction had gone wrong. Three subjects were then detained. Police added they found a bag containing 120.5 blue tablets believed to be Oxycodone, or better known as "Roxies."

    An investigation showed that 36-year-old Kevin King, of Kingsport, arrived at the market to purchase 100 pills for $20 per pill for a total of $2,000. Police said King had arranged this purchase from 46-year-old Felicia "Fleet" Mitchell, of Nashville. The deal then was unsuccessful and a disturbance ensued, which led police to be called.

    The three subjects detained were taken to the Hawkins County Jail where statements were taken. King was charged with simple possession/casual exchange (attempt to obtain Schedule II narcotics). Mitchell was charged with possession of a Schedule II (Oxycodone) with intent to deliver. Mitchell is currently on parole for drug offenses.

    No charges were filed on the third suspect. Several cellphones police say were used to arrange the transaction were seized as well as $3,794 in cash.

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