Community remembers teen killed in Carter County crash

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A local community is remembering the life of one of their own: 17-year-old Brandi Thompson, who was killed in a car crash on Sunday.

Loved ones gathered at Cloudland High School today to reflect on the life taken from them too soon.

"She loved everybody, and everybody was her friend," said Brandi's best friend, Jesika Harrison.

A hole is left in the community. Messages to Brandi fill a bulletin board in the school's front hall.

"Everybody's pretty devastated. No one really understands how this could have happen. I think everybody still thinks this is a dream that we're going to wake up from," said Harrison.

Her friends and family are reflecting on how Brandi was always there for them.

"I had a baby, I'm 17-years-old," began Harrison. "Brandi was always there, supporting me. She was like an aunt to my son. It breaks my heart she isn't going to be there for his first birthday."

The community is coming together around Brandi's family to help them get through this tragic time.

"We are overwhelmed by the love from the community. The outreach we've received, the food. Everything anybody's given us. I was also told someone went down to the funeral home and anonymously donated $3,000," said Brandi's sister, Cassidy Potter.

There is also a GoFundMe set up to help the family cover funeral costs.

The family is asking anyone who attends the funeral to wear tie-dye in honor of Brandi.

"She was just as beautiful as a rainbow. She was every color at one time, she was perfect. She wouldn't want a black funeral service," said Potter.

The investigation into the crash that took Brandi's life is still ongoing. The crash happened on highway 19-E in Carter County. There were two cars involved in the crash.

According to the Tennessee Highway Patrol, both drivers were tested for drugs and alcohol.

Those test results will not be available for several weeks.

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