David Crockett High football player suspended for vaping weeks after incident

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A David Crockett High School "star" football player has been suspended for vaping on a school campus weeks after the incident occurred.

Washington County, Tenn. school officials say the player was suspended after Central Office learned disciplinary action hadn't been taken by the David Crockett administration.

A spokesman for Interim Director Bill Flanary says they believe administrators at the school delayed disciplinary action, though it's unclear why. This Friday, Crockett takes on Daniel Boone High School in the "Musket Bowl," widely considered the biggest game of the year.

In a statement, Flanary said he could not disclose why a delay in disciplinary action occurred. He did not want to violate federal FERPA regulations.

He did express support for the David Crockett High School administration:

"I am pleased with the administration at Crockett, period. These are talented educators that show up every day to do one of the most difficult jobs a person can do. In this business, we celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes, and above all, we serve children."

A school board member told News 5 that there are occasions when disciplinary action may be moved, and that is at the discretion of the administration. Central Office did not allow Crockett administrators to comment for this story, and did not provide an on-camera interview, so it is unclear if there is a simple explanation for the decision.

Some parents expressed concerns about the appearance of preferential treatment for a star athlete.

"For me, if my son does something he's not supposed to do I would expect them to do whatever it is that he deserves to go with whatever crime he committed at the school," April Banner said.

Steve Burnett added, "Rules are rules. Rules have to be the same for everybody, or why bother?"

News 5 obtained a copy of the contract every student athlete signs in Washington County. It says three unexcused absence from practice or a game will result in dismissal from the team. The player in question will not be playing in the Musket Bowl on Friday, sources say, but it's unclear if he will be allowed to rejoin the team once his suspension is complete.

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