Die-hard race fans battle brutal weather for chance to see their favorite drivers

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Say what you want about NASCAR as a sport, but there's no questioning the loyalty of race fans.

Sunday's rain may have washed out the race, but it couldn't wash away the most loyal fans.

"Last night was pretty brutal," Randy Hagen, a NASCAR fan from Wisconsin, says. "We thought our tent was going to blow away but we managed through it."

The fans who managed to outlast Mother Nature were in for a treat.

"I get two for one," Gregory Zietler, a NASCAR fan from Pennsylvania, says. "I got a race yesterday and a race today for one ticket."

The thought of leaving never even crossed some of their minds.

"We'll never leave," Hagen says. "We're going to stay until the race is done. That's a given."

"You got to be around for the checkered flag," Derek Downey, a race fan from Ontario, Canada, says. "There's no sense in going home early."

Some campers stuck around because they love racing. Others stuck around because they physically couldn't leave. For the first time ever, Bristol Motor Speedway allowed five lucky RVs to camp in the infield, but they weren't allowed to leave until the race was over.

"I slept one more night in the Bristol speedway!" Debbie-Jo Zardo explains. "I had my coffee looking at stock tires and the crews coming in so you know what , it was just another day for a great experience."

The weather on Monday was less than ideal, but it still could have been much worse.

"We got 17 inches of snow at home," Hagen says. "It's a three day blizzard back home so this is nothing compared to that."

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