Dog that mauled a Lee County newborn put down

The Lee County Animal Pound euthanized the dog Thursday morning. (Thomas Gray/WCYB)

The dog that mauled a Lee County newborn to death has now been euthanized.

Sheriff Gary Parsons said the parents who owned the dog signed a waiver allowing the dog to be put down.

Wednesday, Lee County deputies responded to a call of a dog bite on Maxfield Road in the Seminary community. They said they found that a wolf hybrid had attacked a newborn baby girl who was only 8 days old.

"The father had already taken the child to Lonesome Pine Hospital,” Parsons said. “The child was worked on there, and then taken Holston Valley, and then on to UT Medical Center where it passed away just after 4 o’clock."

Neighbors said the news was horrifying.

"It was a shock to everyone,” neighbor Tony Shackleford said. “We've got a baby in the house, and I can only imagine. It's terrible."

The dog was taken by Lee County Animal Control and euthanized Thursday morning.

"There's no reason not to put the dog down,” Parsons said. “It was going to be put down. The family signed it over to be put down, and we see no reason to keep it over there captive."

Authorities are continuing to investigate.

"We are conducting an investigation along with the Department of Social Services and Animal Control,” Parsons said. “We'll present the facts of the situation to the Commonwealth attorney and let him make the determination of whether there are any charges to be placed."

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