Drone racing comes to Kingsport

Pilots had to navigate the drones around the track using headsets the show video feeds from the drones' cameras. (Thomas Gray/WCYB)

The Tri-Cities area is getting its own drone racing league.

Streamworks, which is supported by Eastman in Education, helped host the new league's first race Saturday in Kingsport.

Dozens came to compete and watch, as pilots navigated the course at speeds reaching up to 80 miles an hour. Most of the pilots were adults, but organizers think the new league will encourage young people to start working in technology related fields.

“Having that, I think, locally should drive a lot of innovation,” race director Tyler Landers said. “With Streamworks being local and STEM-based, I think they're really trying to drive younger students and high school students to get into this.”

The Tri-Cities Drone Racing League plans to host several racing tournaments this summer. You can visit the league Facebook page here.

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