Two new arrests made in relation to North Carolina kidnapping

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A total of six people have been arrested in relation to the kidnapping of a North Carolina man with ties to Johnson County, Tenn.

Police say 29-year-old Carlton Lamar Edmondson was kidnapped in Burke County, N.C.

He was then taken to a remote area of Johnson County where he was assaulted.

Today, Valerie Ann Dollar was the fifth person arrested in relation to the kidnapping. She is facing aggravated kidnapping charges out of Johnson County.

Late today, a sixth arrest was made. Police then arrested Brittany Arnold in Johnson County, she's facing aggravated kidnapping charges and is being processed at the county jail at this time.

Three others are facing charges in Johnson County, they are: Michael Stacy May, for conspiracy to commit especially aggravated kidnapping. James Parker Combs, for extortion, aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping, and conspiracy to commit especially aggravated kidnapping. And Robert Littleton is facing fugitive from justice charges.

LeighKatherina Mina is also facing charges out of North Carolina related to the kidnapping.

Sheriff Mike Reece says at least two of the suspects have arrest histories.

"We've had Mr. Combs in our jail before. We're familiar with Michael Stacy May. We've dealt with them before in drug relations," said Reece.

Authorities are continuing their search for Edmondson in the Trade area of the county.

"We're following up on every lead that we get, and that's all we can do at this point," said Reece.

The sheriff tells News 5 Edmondson was brought to a wooded area of the county by his kidnappers, where they assaulted him.

He says the assault was captured on one of the suspect's cell phones. That video was reviewed by police. Reece says none of the suspects show their face in the footage. However, the department is using voice recognition software to identify the voices.

Reece says Edmondson and the jailed suspects knew each other. But the suspects are refusing to tell police where Edmondson may be.

The sheriff is hopeful Edmondson is still alive.

"We're looking for him, not a body. We're looking for him," said Reece.

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