Flood preparations underway in Kingsport, Sullivan and Hawkins Counties

Superior Carriers is preparing for flood damage by moving tankers calling in extra staff.

Memories are still fresh of flooding causing road closures, downed power lines and tree damage in hard hit areas of Kingsport, Sullivan and Hawkins Counties .

“We’re expecting an inch to an inch and a half of rain. Which isn’t really a lot, but maybe not enough to cause a huge alarm. Still enough that we will check our hot-spots to make sure that everything is clean,” says Kingsport Storm Manager, David Edwards.

This company is doing everything it can as a precautionary move.

“We moved our tankers to higher ground and we are making sure that everything in the shop including our tank washers are secured, and we don’t have anything floating around or possibly causing some damage,” says Superior Carriers terminal manager, Jeffrey Hall.

"We'll have some people come in extra early in the morning to get a look and see what’s going on and we'll deal with the flood if it comes."

Hall’s staff will be on standby and monitoring the storm. He says this is standard procedure.

“We can go years and not get anything. Now last week, and possibly again this week. You just have to be prepared for anything really," says Hall.

Officials are warning drivers to stay away from flood prone areas including Highway 93 in Sullivan County.

Kingsport Public Works plan a full staff to keep roads and traffic safe.

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